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Strength of Nature is an International hair care company with brands that reinforce positive messages.

African pride
The African Pride brand holds extremely high awareness and satisfies the needs of the savvy consumer, who is looking for a "natural", "holistic" approach to hair care, relaxing or texturizing of hair.
www.African-Pride.com   l   Download African Pride Fact Sheet
Dream kids
For a lifetime of Strong Beautifully Healthy Hair, start right with Olive Miracle Dream Kids®. Our smooth silky feather-light kids formula contains the finest Extra Virgin Olive Oil and African Herbs used for generations to strengthen and protect hair.
www.african-pride.com/DreamKids   l   Download Dream kids Fact Sheet
Mega growth
Profectiv scientists and stylists have created a personalized system that helps prevent damage and solve specific hair and scalp problems while leaving hair stronger, longer and healthier looking.
www.megagrowth.com   l   Download Mega Growth Fact Sheet
growth Renew
Highly effective 5-step system that helps prevent hair damage while wearing hair weaves, extensions, braids & wigs.Maximize hair and scalp benefits by using the total system to cleanse, soothe, moisturize, stimulate, repair and strengthen.
www.growthrenew.com   l   Download Growth Renew Fact Sheet
Elasta QP
ElastaQP, Extraordinary Professional Care, features a comprehensive line of products recommended by stylists and consumers alike, designed to meet the hair care needs of multicultural customers. Advanced Vitamin-Rich Olive Oil formulas infuse healing, restorative conditioners and moisturizers deep inside hair.
www.ElastaQP.com   l   Download Elasta QP Fact Sheet
Relax & Refresh
Relaxer Plus Color Restorative System for all hair textures. Profectiv's cutting-edge no-lye relaxer technology helps prevent hair and scalp damage with perfectly pre-measured touch-up applications for greater safety and convenience. New patented color neutralizing shampoo mousse adds semi-permanent color and neutralizes hair in one easy step.
www.RelaxandRefresh.com   l   Download Relax & Refresh Fact Sheet
Smart Perm
Ultimate silky smooth, straight hair from hair roots to ends. Our advanced anti-breakage, ultra gentle no-lye relaxer system replenishes and strengthens hair while giving you Maximum Protection.
www.SmartPerm.com   l   Download Smart Perm Fact Sheet