Strength of Nature Global

Strength of Nature’s legacy began with one man’s dream. Mario de la Guardia, Sr. brought his family from Cuba to the United States with no money and sheer ambition. He worked his way up at Carson Products and invented Dark & Lovely’s no-lye relaxer, a feat that revolutionized the hair care industry. His son, Mario de la Guardia Jr., followed in his father’s footsteps and worked under his wing for years before starting Strength of Nature in the year 2000. Although it is a global hair care company with distribution in countries throughout the world, at its core Strength of Nature is a family business that prides itself on creating affordable yet exquisite hair care for women of color. Strength of Nature has a portfolio of 12 brands that are a mixture of heritage and legacy brands and brands that have been developed in-house by the Strength of Nature team. Those brands include: African Pride, Dream Kids, ElastaQP, SoyOYL, Beautiful Textures, Profectiv, Relax & Refresh, GrowthRenew, MegaGrowth, SmartPerm, Strong & Healthy, Profectiv Professional, Soft & Beautiful, Soft and Beautiful Botanicals, ProLine and TCB.

Our Mission

Strength of Nature™ Company is dedicated to consumer hair care education and the development and manufacture of innovative hair care solutions for women of color.

Our corporate website has been designed with you in mind - to help you discover the perfect combination of products that help prevent and correct your unique hair and scalp damage. Chemical processing, use of heat styling tools and even daily brushing and combing, damages hair in completely different ways. That’s why each product is uniquely formulated to help stop specific types of damage.

Community Outreach

Strength of Nature Global llc is committed to playing an active role in supporting civic outreach centers, churches, salons and schools that build programs, people, and communities to be self sustaining and successful.

  • Dress for Success
  • ColorComm
  • Ronald McDonald House
  • Atlanta Mission


Strength of Nature Global is a company comprised of talented individuals striving to provide hair care solutions to consumers all over the world. If you have interest in becoming a model/ambassador or skilled staff of Strength of Nature Global, please fill out the information below.

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